"Torture the data, and it will confess to anything."

This is a personal homepage for free-time data science projects

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I graduated as a statistician specialized for survey methods. I have been working as a data analyst at Pazmany Peter Catholic University ( Budapest, Hungary) since 2014. I was also a guest lecturer of this university. I tought methodological subjects to social science area students.

My passion is to create spectacular statistical reports mainly for non-statisticians. I made some static ( or MS office output) reports in my early projects nowadays I rather focus web-based solutions like interactive dashboards, statistical applications.

When I make web reports I prefer RStudio Shiny which is a nice open-source solution which only requires the knowledge of R language. I learned about web development (I made this responsive website on my own without any template or framework just because to learn the basics of web development) which comes in handy when I need to implement some custom requests.

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